ȤƵ’s Cashway Pharmacy, Inc. began operations as a local retail pharmacy in Crowley, Louisiana in September 1969 and was incorporated in the State of Louisiana on December 10, 1993. In the early 1990s, ȤƵ’s expanded its services regionally by offering infusion therapy and durable medical equipment.

In 1999, ȤƵ’s opened a second location in Lafayette; in 2004, acquired a third location in Lake Charles; and, in 2015, opened a fourth location in Lafayette, all of which served to further establish its service presence in Louisiana.



ȤƵ’s is an independently operated pharmacy and medical equipment company, with a dedicated focus on meeting the needs of our customers and the medical community in our service area. Our mission is to be the highest quality provider of a full line of home medical equipment and retail, institutional, compounding and infusion therapy pharmacy products and services in our service area. We constantly strive to enhance our customer service and operations through the employment of training, performance evaluation and management techniques and the utilization of strategic planning initiatives. Accordingly, ȤƵ’s employs competent and highly trained licensed pharmacists, technicians, respiratory therapists and other skilled professionals. We continue to be accredited by The Joint Commission, indicating our commitment to our mission, striving at all times to ensure that the patient’s well-being is our #1 priority. The sizes and geographic locations of our operations enable us to meet the unique pharmacy and medical equipment needs in our service area in a timely and efficient manner.

ȤƵ’s pharmacy and medical equipment operations are conducted in Lafayette, Crowley and Lake Charles, Louisiana, and currently are composed of four material service lines:

  1. Retail Pharmacy Products and Services, consisting primarily of walk-in sales of prescription medications and complementary products, including non-specialty pharmaceuticals, vitamins, supplements and nutritionals;
  2. Institutional Pharmacy Services, consisting of the provision of specialty and non-specialty pharmaceuticals and biological products to institutional clients or to patients in institutional settings, such as nursing homes, behavioral facilities, assisted living facilities, developmental disabilities facilities, rehabilitation facilities, hospices and correctional facilities;
  3. Specialty Pharmacy Services, comprised generally of drugs for the treatment of major conditions, including, among others, respiratory system weakness, cancer, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), hemophilia, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, infertility, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and growth hormone deficiency; and,
  4. Durable Medical Equipment Products and Services, consisting primarily of products for patient-administered home care, such as ambulatory equipment; hospital beds and supplies; diabetic shoes and supplies; bath aids; respiratory therapy equipment, supplies and services, including oxygen concentrators and portable cylinders, continuous and bilevel positive airway pressure equipment and nebulizers; orthopedic products; ostomy; prosthetics; and supplements and nutritionals.

Some of the benefits from choosing ȤƵ’s as your provider of choice are our:

  • Extensive service lines provide the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all of your pharmacy and medical equipment needs – saving you both time and money;
  • Expansive hours of operation and easily accessible locations provide convenience to our customers, with 24-hours-a-day availability of professional personnel to answer questions and provide assistance to patients residing in short-term, intermediate, long-term and other institutional care facilities and certain other patients and their caregivers who choose ȤƵ’s as their service provider;
  • Staff members work closely with healthcare providers, educating them on proper operating procedures and necessary safety guidelines;
  • Follow-up program, through continual correspondence and monitoring, ensures that the patient is using the medical equipment properly and obtaining optimal benefits from the prescribed treatment; and,
  • Special coalitions and similar working relationships with home health agencies and hospice organizations provide the platform necessary for concentration on the unique needs of their patients.

Through the years, some things may have changed, but one thing always remains the same… our commitment to provide our clients, customers and patients with the quality products and excellent services they have come to expect and depend on from the entire staff at ȤƵ’s.

You can always depend on